Expired Kanal’s MR Physics and How to Clinically Apply It

  • Kanal’s MR Physics & How to Clinically Apply it
     June 3, 2016 - June 9, 2016
     4:00 am - 1:00 pm
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General Course Description

20 Hour Basic MR Physics: June 6-8

This three day, intensive educational conference is designed for technologists who are preparing for the advanced MR registry exam or those simply desiring to refresh/enhance their working knowledge of MR physics. All lectures will be given by Dr. Emanuel Kanal. Dr. Kanal is known for bringing the complex and often confusing world of MR physics into everyone’s reach. Dr. Kanal uses his own custom-developed interactive computerized graphic MR tutorial software to complement his non-stop, energetic, yet easy going teaching style. Problem solving approaches are incorporated throughout the meeting to demonstrate how to clinically apply the topics and knowledge being covered. You will find yourself understanding MR physics concepts clearly and in plain English – perhaps for the first time ever. Concepts covered during the 20 hour basic course include (among others):


  • Static magnetic field strength
  • Field Distortion
  • TR, TE, T1, T2 & Proton Density
  • Chemical saturation
  • T2*, TI
  • Gradient echo imaging sequences
  • RF excitation flip angle
  • Chemical shift artifact
  • Number of excitations (NEX)
  • Phase & Frequency Encoding
  • Image Production & Acquisition
  • Slice selection
  • Fat Saturation
  • Gradient magnetic fields
  • 2D & 3D Fourier transform techniques
  • Ernst Angle
  • Partial saturation techniques
  • Partial Fourier & NEX imaging
  • Inversion recovery sequences
  • Fast spin echo & other fast techniques
  • Spin echo imaging sequences
  • K-space
  • Relaxivity
  • MRA and MRS Principals


The interaction of the all these parameters with slice quantity, imaged volume, scan time, image signal, contrast and resolving power is stressed throughout the discussions.


9.5 Hour Advanced MR Physics / Safety / NSF: June 8-9

This 9.5 hour optional session will be focused on more advanced topics, including MR angiography, diffusion weighted MR imaging, perfusion weighted MR imaging, and MR spectroscopy. This session will also include a special 1.5 hour presentation on MR Safety AND a special 1.5 hour presentation on Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF). As the pre-eminent physician authority on MR safety issues, Dr. Kanal will present a custom-developed summary of the ACR Guidance Document for Safe MR Practices. He will discuss how this impacts clinical and research MR sites, their design and physical layout, their personnel, and their daily operation. Dr. Kanal is the primary author of each version of the ACR Guidelines for MR Safe Practices including the 2002, 2004, 2007, and most recently, 2013 versions.


This complete 4 day program has been submitted for approval of 29.5 hours of Category A CE credit (evidence of continuing education). The Basic Physics session (June 6-8) will offer up to 20 credit hours. The Advanced Physics session (June 8-9) will offer up to 9.5 credit hours. In order to obtain the maximum credit hours offered (29.5), you must attend ALL presentations on all four days. Guidelines approved for verifying attendance for each lecture will be followed and a certificate of attendance will be issued to each qualified attendee by Northwest Imaging Forums, Inc. and mailed after the course.


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