MRI Safety: Level 2 MR Personnel Video Only (Non-CE)

This MR safety video (approximately 50 minutes in length) is produced specifically for MR Level 2 Personnel as defined by the ACR Guidance Document on MR Safe Practices: 2013. The major topics covered in this video include: • Personnel designation • MR safety zones and access control • Static field • Gradient (time-varying) magnetic fields • Radio frequency (RF) fields • Spatial gradient fields • Patients with implants and/or devices • Labeling • Conditions of use (including B1+rms) • Managing patient warming • Preventing thermal injuries • Patient and non-patient screening • Quench • Medical emergencies in the MRI environment • Managing the claustrophobic or anxious patient This video program is intended to satisfy annual education requirements

  • Define Level 1 and Level 2 MR personnel
  • Define MR safety Zones III and IV
  • Describe the procedures and documentation associated with screening non-MR personnel
  • Describe the recommendations of both the ACR and Joint Commission with regard to screening patients
  • Describe the importance of patients being dressed in MR appropriate attire prior to undergoing and MR procedure
  • Describe how to minimize the risk to patients with regard to RF burns
  • Name several methods to manage SAR during an MR procedure
  • Describe the importance of monitoring patients and how to prepare for medical emergencies
  • Name and describe the current labeling terminology for implants and devices
  • Describe safety issues related to a quench
  • Name the major acute and chronic gadolinium-based contrast media adverse events
  • Describe techniques which can minimize patient anxiety

The content of this Contrast Enhanced MRI Program is intended for healthcare professionals who work in the MRI environment. These individuals include MRI Technologists, Imaging Nurses, MRI Researchers, and Others.

This program has no Category A CE credit assigned.  

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