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Static Magnetic Fields

RF Magnetic Fields

Implant Safety

Medical Legal

Join us at 2pm Sunday November 15th as Dr. Emanuel Kanal discusses Static Magnetic Fields and an Introduction, to MRMD, MRSO, MRSE
Join us at 7:15am Monday November 16th as Dr. Emanuel Kanal finishes static magnetic field and introduces RF magnetic fields
Join us at 7:15am Tuesday November 17th as Dr. Emanuel Kanal finishes RF magnetic field and introduces gradient magnetic fields along with Implant Safety.
Join us at 7:15am Wednesday November 18th as Dr. Emanuel Kanal finishes Implant safety and begins medical legal.

About the Conference

Since June of 2014 when Dr. Kanal first created and launched his new comprehensive MR safety course and began teaching others the Kanal Method for implant safety analysis, roughly 6,000 physicians, technologists, physicists, nurses, administrators, industry representatives and others have now participated in one of Dr. Kanal’s MRMD/MRSO MR Safety Training Courses – in just over five years! The unprecedented popularity of this course and analytical method of risk assessment has literally changed the entire MR industry and how it approaches MR safety practices and decision making throughout the world. This Course is specifically designed to provide the education necessary to comfortably undertake the responsibilities of being an MR Medical Director/Physician or MR Safety Officer.  

With the recent reconsideration by the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) and opening of reimbursement for some MR scans performed on various labeled and not-conditionally-safe labeled Cardiovascular Implanted Electrical Devices (CIEDs), there will inevitably be increases in the volume of requests to accept non-conditionally labeled CIED patients for MR studies. The newly updated course curriculum now also includes a focused analysis of the safety issues associated with MR scanning of various anatomic regions of interest in patients in whom there may be implanted various types of CIEDs, and what can be done to minimize the associated risks of such examinations.