2024 – MRI Safety: Level 1 MR Personnel

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This 1 hour comprehensive course is designed for medical professionals requiring Level 1 certification for working within the MR Environment. The course explains what the American College of Radiology (ACR) is and its role in creating guidelines for medical facilities. All of the various roles for medical staff will be discussed with an emphasis on Level 1 roles and responsibilities. MR Zoning and its importance along with reasoning for controlled access into various areas of MR will be defined. The importance of MR Screening of both patients and medical professionals will be discussed. Finally, the difference between near incidents and actual incidents will be differentiated and examples of MR Safety accidents will be reviewed.


  • State what the American College of Radiology (ACR) is and their Guidelines
  • Define roles and responsibilities with a concentration on Level 1 personnel
  • Create an understanding of MR zoning and controlled access into Zone III
  • Explain the importance of MR Screening of all staff and patients
  • Inform Level 1 concerns for MR Safety as related to patients and personnel
  • Show examples of MR Safety incidents


Sample handout:   MR Safety Level 1 Personnel Sample